The Greatest Ever?

Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN recently wrote in an article on that Tiger Woods is the greatest ATHLETE of all time. To say that Tiger is the greatest athlete of any sort is certainly a very bold statement. Tiger obviously has much competition for that spot as greatest athlete, especially looking at greats like Michael Jordan. It is unquestionable that Tiger is the most dominant and poised. Tiger has never lost in a mjor while having the 54 hole lead. So what does that mean? Tiger Woods has never "choked" when the tournament is in his hands. Just look at Sergio Garcia who received a death sentence when paired with Tiger for the final round of the Open Championship; he was shaken. The difference in the way the two played spoke for itself, Tiger missed several makable putts on Sunday, but never has to be frustrarted because he is sure he will make more. The complete lack of pressure that Tiger feels in a golf tournament in front of crowds that could fill up a football stadium is very amazing. Tiger may be the greatest athlete of our or any time, but certainly the most dominant.

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