Can Anyone Stop Tiger?

With a fifth straight victory, golfers everywhere are left to wonder "Who could stop him?". The early favorite was Phil Mickelson who had won two straight majors before losing "it" after that meltdown at the U.S. Open. The only word to describe the player that struggled for years with getting into the winner's circle would be mediocre. Mediocre finishes have really piled up since Winged Foot including few top-50's. Jim Furyk is number three on the world ranking but has never been able to really battle with Tiger, never facing him down in a major championship. Vijay Singh is probably the most likely candidate to end Tiger's streak despite the poor finish at the Deutsche Bank, as poor as a three under round could be, but still not a match for Tiger. The quality that Vijay has that makes him most likely to take him on is his "Tiger Who" attitude. Vijay's career may be nearing its end, but he still has the game that could hold up to Tiger. Also, he is about the only man on the face of the planet who has had the number one ranking during the Tiger Woods Era. The young stars have not shown any spark yet either, especially Spaniard Sergio Gracia who has faced Tiger down several times in majors, most memorably at Medinah in '99 and this year's British Open. Sergio has not been able to give Tiger a fight, and most recently in the Open Championship melted down while playing in Tiger's final group.There may be no other person who can stop Tiger at this point, at least not until he looks for another swing change. The only person who could pose a threat for Tiger is likely Jack Nicklaus, and that is just the records he left behind.

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