Next Up: TOUR Doubleheader, American Express and Southern Farm Bureau Classic

The professional golf world will field another double-header week with the WGC American Express Championship and the Southern Farm Bureau Classic in play. The focus this week will certainly be on the American Express at the Grove in Hertfordshire, England as Tiger Woods seeks his sixth consecutive PGA Tour victory. The AMEX will have the best field this week, boasting a $7.5 million purse. America's best will surely stay in England this week before returning back to the U.S. following another trouncing at the hands of the Europeans at the 2006 Ryder Cup. Not much can cause the world's best and mentally thoughest golfer to hand his caddie, Stevie Williams, a nine iron and tell him to ditch it. Regardless, Tiger is still the best pick for the win following months of a hot streak, and a nack for beating everybody else in any WGC event. The other event this week back in the States is the Southern Farm Bureau Classic, a small purse event (Only $3 million, $540,000 going to the winner), played in Madison, Missouri. Annandale Golf Club will play at nearl 7,100 yards, one of the TOUR's shorter courses this season. Golf Heaven will pick Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods to battle it out in England, and look for the PGA Champion Shaun Micheel, as well as Fred Funk and Jason Gore to be in the hunt at the Southern Farm.

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