Stars of the Ryder Cup: Tiger Woods

This week, in honor of the Ryder Cup matches kicking off in Ireland, I will have a series of posts dedicated to profiling America's best. This series begins with the world's best player himself, Tiger Woods. Tiger is of the course this era's best player, having won 12 major championships and 53 PGA TOUR victroies. Tiger is having one of his best years, having won two major championships and going into the Ryder Cup with a five tournament winning streak on the PGA Tour. Tiger is playing some great golf, and is showing a new trait; playing great when his "game" is not at the course. Tiger is picking spots to miss at, and knows how to get in the hole from anywhere.
The Skinny:
Tiger will always tell reporters or anyone else who is listening that he has 15 major championships, as would Jack Niclaus for the same reason, the U.S. Amateur. Tiger is definitely a great player in any style of play, having won three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles, and event where players must go through days of grueling match play. Remember, at last year's Presidents Cup matches, Tiger played very well during the team matches alongside current world number two Jim Furyk. The same can't be said about Tiger's 2004 team matches when playing with Phil Mickelson. Tom Lehman will likely pair Woods and Furyk again this week. Tiger has played well in sigles matches with 3 Amateur Championships, a 10-1 record in playoffs on the PGA Tour, and a 2-1-1 record in the Ryder Cup. Tiger has always struggles in the team portion though with a combined record of 5-10-1. Tiger has earned 8 Ryder Cup points during his career.

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