Equipment Review: Ballzee Ball Cleaner

Ballzee is a fairly new product that most golfers have probably never seen. The product is a small pouch with cloth on the inside used to clean muddy, dirty, or grass stained balls on the green. The product is very unique in that not only do owners not have to carry towels to the green or loudly wash their balls during their buddy's backswing while using a ball washer on the next tee, the Ballzee cleans balls easily and quitely and doesn't get your pocket wet. The relatively simple design makes for simple use. After getting the Ballzee, I was slightly skeptical, especially about its ability to hold in water. When I got to the course, and poured water on it in the locker room, I was very surprised to see that it fits easily in any pocket and doesn't lose water. I was excited about trying it out as I usually have a high ball flight and often have muddy balls and grass stains. I have never been a big fan of tying the hand towel in the cart to my belt, so this product was perfect for me. Ballzee cleaned the ball pretty well, but does require some practice for use, as figure out how to keep the ball in while wiping at the start is slightly difficult. Golf's critics have found the product to be very useful, as Ballzee was named "Best New Product" at 2005's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Ballzee also was given an 8.0 rating by the PGA Partners Club, and has been featured in many golf publications as well as Forbes. One Ballzee pouch runs around $3.99, and can be found at most major golf retailers as well as directly through the company. More information about Ballzee as well as other Ballzee products may be found at . Golf Heaven gives Ballzee 4.5 out of 5 stars as the product is definitely one that all golfers could find helpful, but sometimes difficult to use.

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