Equipment Review: Powerstik

The shape of golf has been changing rapidly for over a decade now as every course struggles with the ever increasing distance problem. Improving golf technology will improve the average golfer's game in theory, but most golfers are not keeping up with the trend. The reality is that to take your game to the next level, you have to increase distance. Hitting it farther takes pressure off of all the other facets of the game, especially when every par 4 becomes more easily reachable and hitting a par 5 in two is no longer in question. With this in mind, I went out to search for the long ball. The way to improve distance is by strength training and good mechanics. I was fortunate enough to find a product that combines both of these requirements.
The Powerstik is a power building golf tool which combines a weighted cylinder where the head usually is with actual golf shafts and a training grip. The weight of the club improves golfer's flexibility and strength, but fights another common swing flaw: the slice. The most common swing flaw in golf is the over the top move which forces the club head to move from the outside-in. This swing flaw kills a golfer's distances and usually produces an ugly banana ball. The Powerstik's weighted end forces golfers to bring the club into the slot, thus increasing distance and eliminating the slice just through practicing good mechanics. The second part of the distance equation is building the golf specific muscles and increasing flexibility. Powerstik's manufacturers suggest golfers do four sets of ten swings with the club in the morning and the same in the evening to see quick and drastic changes in distance. The Powerstik also features a special molded grip so that golfers may practice using a correct grip even during strength training. The Powerstik was featured in a Golf Magazine article on building yourself into Tiger Woods citing Powerstik as a great way to increase distance.
My Test:
I found the Powerstik to be an excellent product, especially with helping to increase my strength and clubhead speed. Even after using the product for several days, you will notice the club feels much lighter during the swing. Golfers also can swing comfortably much faster while using proper mechanics. As a player who hits hooks, I usually do not struggle with the over the top move so I can't attest to the product's ability in correcting that swing flaw. The club did help me improve setting my wrists as well as making the full body turn to maximize my power. The product works even better when used with the Swingyde, a small yellow device which hooks onto the grip of a club.
How to Get it:
More information on the Powerstik may be found at The Powerstik may be purchased through the website for $79. 95. Golf Heaven finds this product to be one of the best in the swing aid category because it improves both mechanics and strength dramatically. The Powerstik deserves a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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