Is Winter over yet?

Yes, the Zealous Golfer hates to be kept inside, far away from the world of golf. Unfortunately, this Winter Golf Syndrome is one that effects us all that live in the northern areas of the country (or world). Being a golf nut, I have bundled up several times this winter and hit Birdieballs until I couldn't feel my hands, but this practice surely is not the most productive.

The only practice I have really done of value in the cold months is my work on my putting using a putter, a cup, and a bedroom. While hitting the same putt hundreds of times in a row may not improve your green reading, a focused golfer can work on engraining a nice, smooth stroke when the range is closed. This sort of practice is rarely done as most decent days call golfers to the practice tee (smashing drivers is a heck of a lot more fun than working on long putting).

At least we're nearing the Spring when golfers will hit moist and aerated links, but all the while living it up.

Moral of the story: Florida is a better place than Pennsylvania
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