Bad Behavior leads to Bad Behavior

Tiger Woods had a few things to be frustrated about in Dubai. While he was swinging, photographers continued to click away. Woods' shot went awry and landed in the grass on the edge of the fairway. "Nice going, guys, thanks," he said sarcastically.

As his frustration mounted from the unrelenting persistence of the cameramen, making putts became more diffcult. Finally, Tiger did a very un-Tiger-like thing .. he tossed his club.

Maybe he's human after all.

1 Response to "Bad Behavior leads to Bad Behavior"

  1. I like a bit of quiet just like any other golfer, but this whole camera clicking argument / extremes of quiet is getting ridiculous, in my opinion.

    I played baseball in high school (wasnt very good at it, but beside the point) have to hit an 80 MPH pitched ball (90+ in the majors) with screaming fans, and you have 1/4 second to do so.

    Golf is really no different...if you are able to concentrate and are 'in the game' you don't even hear outside distractions. Ask any become unaware of the crowd.

    On any golf course that you and I play, you hear sounds...planes overhead, cars passing by, even golfers on adjoining holes.

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