Nike Sumo: Still hip to be square?

Sumo Saturday, the release of Nike's new line of square drivers, came and went on this Saturday. A day that will live in infamy...I think not. The opinions about the new driver range from extremely good to extremely bad.

Check out the current discussion going on over at Many agree that the Sumo^2 is the straightest driver they have ever hit.

Unfortunately, the Sumo is not for the faint of heart. The sound that radiates from the Sumo's bulbous head is a noise to be heard for at least a mile away. Or so it seems. Many agree that the noise the driver emits along with its giant, bright yellow, square head is distracting or at least an attention-getter.

I recommend heading down to your nearest golf store and hitting a couple shots with it. will be headed to the range to smack some with the Sumo tomorrow. Look for pics and a review on the way.

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