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Golf is unlike any other sport in the massive amount of clubs, videos, aids, and other equipment promising to significantly lower your scores. As a golf addict, I have used many of these in a futile attempt to improve my game. Most cover only very basic flaws, or only correct the "over-the-top" move. With this in mind, I set out to find a great product which can address virtually any fault. That search led me to the Path-Pro, a unique device which is truly so versatile, every problem can be fixed. The Path-Pro comes at the perfect time too. Most golfers will hit the links in the Spring with much difficulty and frustration due to the rust from the Winter. The Path-Pro is a great way to start the season off right, so you can spend time improving instead of relearning the elements of the golf swing after ingraining faults.

My Thoughts:
Having tried and failed with many other golf training aids, this one is definitely a winner. A few months ago, I purchased the Medicus Iron to try to eliminate my inside loop (resulting in a draw/hook). The Medicus failed to help me with this problem, so I was out $125. However, the Path-Pro is always brutally honest. Using the guide and video that comes with the unit, I set it up so that I would hit the bar if I dropped the club far inside. Crack! I hit the foam bar straight on for several runs. Luckily, your body learns to work the club away from the bar if you collide with it enough times. Eventually, I was able to swing through the ball clean. The Path-Pro can get rid of your slice from the outside-in move too. Aside from fixing my swing plane, the detailed manual had more subtle suggestions on how to improve your game. I worked on hitting flop shots and improved my balance by using the Path-Pro. With all my faults, I am glad the product is easy to move and rearrange. Two small screws allow the Path-Pro to be adjusted to perfection to fit the needs of each golfer.
The Path-Pro is relatively simple for its user. All you do once you take it out of the box is stick the main part (with dial) onto the platform. From there, you slide the foam tube onto the bar and you are ready to hit some straight shots. To adjust the Path-Pro to fix a specific fault, a dial and small screw allow golfers to easily customize the product to meet their needs. The brochure with 9 basic positions and the DVD are two handy tools which suggest and visually show players how to set the Path-Pro to fix different faults.
Final Thoughts:
The Path-Pro is likely the best training aid money can buy. The great thing is that it can be adjusted to fix any swing fault. That means plane, path, swaying, flopping, chipping, impact, setup, posture, etc. It really doesn't get much better than this. The adjustable nature of the product is also a big plus so that as your game changes, the practice changes. Having practiced a lot over the years with little success, I know as well as most that practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. The Path-Pro is a great way to make your practice constructive and finally fix your nagging swing faults. The Path-Pro doesn't lie, if you hit the bar, you're doing something wrong. As the company says, "150 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, and 70 of Golf Digest's and Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors rely on the Path Pro for instant feedback and permanent results." This product can benefit players of all levels. Make sure to check it out at The product may be purchased for $99.99 USD. The Path-Pro receives a 5 out of 5 rating for its versatility and instant feedback.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting... results from such a simple looking tool.

    Anonymous says:

    After using my Path Pro, I instantly feel where my club should be at all times. It really won't let me make a bad swing as advertised. This is cool stuff.

    Anonymous says:

    I actually saw VJ practicing a couple weeks ago and he had two of these. One on his backswing and one on the follow thru.

    Anonymous says:


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