Winter Wonderland: Practicing Fairway Bunker Shots

In my neck of the woods (Pittsburgh, PA), the snow is beginning to melt and the thermometer is starting to rise. While I have hit some balls this winter at an outdoor range, I haven't really practiced very productively since last November. With this in mind and the golf bug biting at me, I searched for a way to use the melting snow as a practice tool.

What does snow simulate? Finally, after a long 60 seconds of deep thought and personal meditation, I realized I could practice fairway bunker shots.

Armed with a 7 iron, a hooded sweatshirt, and some Birdieballs, I went out in an odyssey to search for my game. I have always struggled with the fairway bunker shot, probably due to the face that very few ranges or courses have areas where you can practice the shot.

In preparation, I watched several videos on and worked on those fundamentals. I just put a Birdieball on top of the snow and tried to clip the ball clean. It also helps that you can instantly see your swingpath and how deep of a divot you took.

For those of you in the north, I would definitely recommend giving this a shot before Old Man Winter goes back to Canada.

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