Fatal Florida Accident involving Atwal Investigated

Arjun Atwal, the first Indian-born player to join the PGA Tour, admitted to police that he was driving 80 mph in a 45 mph zone just before the car traveling next to him violently crashed and killed its driver, John N. Park. The incident occurred in early March near Walt Disney World.

Atwal has not been charged in the crash and his sports management company who represents him adamantly denies he was street racing as witnesses have stated. Witnesses also claim both drivers were traveling at speeds greater than 100 mph. Florida police officers have said it will be another month before the investigation is complete.
When Park lost control of his vehicle, Atwal veered the other way off of a four lane highway. He crossed the median and the opposite lanes of traffic. Atwal did not hit any vehicles. Park lost control of his vehicle, veered off the road and hit a fence and a small tree and the car flipped over repeatedly, possibly as many as eight times. There is no evidence that Park's car and Atwal's car made contact.

Atwal finished 140th last year on the PGA Tour money list and failed to keep his full exempt status.

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