The future of Superman's brother?

Zach Johnson was in Butler Cabin on Sunday when U.S. Ryder Cup teammate Vaughn Taylor said, "he's not Superman, he's Superman's brother." There is probably a lot of truth in that statement.

Johnson came in with one win, that being in the 2004 BellSouth Classic. His power is mediocre at best, but his iron play is stellar. Not the exciting attribute that golf fans love to see in Bubba Watson, J.B. Holmes, and Tiger Woods.

Maybe he isn't Superman, not even on the PGA Tour, but he beat one of the hardest courses on Earth playing his own game. Ultimately, the victory game down to Johnson playing the way he needed and could play. That meant never even trying to hit a par 5 in two. The decision to not muscle up and go for it on every occasion is one which includes overwhelming temptation. Especially when the ground beneath your feet is practically shaking following several spectacular shots from Tiger Woods.

Still, Johnson's win is surprising considering what Augusta National is now. After several face lifts to take the course into the 21st century (better golf balls, drivers, irons), it's hard to believe Johnson could even compete, let alone win.

Johnson's game proves that a great short game can beat any long game. In his press conference on Sunday, Johnson agreed he isn't Superman. He is totally comfortable with being a kid from Iowa.

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