Tiger vs. Nature

In a big time fight between two great powers, Tiger fought not only his swing at The Masters, but none other than Mother Nature. These two videos were aired numerous timed on The Golf Channel and SportsCenter, but both of these risks still boggle my mind.

Both were posted on The Hooked on Golf Blog. Here is an extremely late check swing when a bird flew over Tiger's ball.
Ouch. Probably a bad idea for a guy who has suffered from wrist trouble in the past. Certainly comparable to a car speeding at over 100 miles per hour stopping on a dime.

If that escape wasn't enough, Tiger took another giant wrist on Sunday.

Stuck in the woods, Tiger reasonably felt that smashing his club against a tree would be a better option than punching out of the woods. He did make par, but at the expense of one of his irons.

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