Has Stack and Tilt worked for you?

If you are a savvy fan of the golf swing, you have probably heard somewhere along the line of the new "Stack and Tilt" swing, as invented by Philadelphians Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. Many probably read the section in Golf Digest, touting the new found success of Australian Aaron Baddeley ever since he dropped David Leadbetter and started with this swing.

However, some golf fans have not found the cure, or "the revolution" as Plummer and Bennett refer to it, yet.

For those of you who have given it a shot, how has the stack and tilt swing worked for you?

If you are struggling, check out this video courtesy of YouTube and Shawn Clement, director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Center.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The stack and tilt has improved my game tremendously, I have gone from a 90's shooter to low 80's since applying these methods.

    Anonymous says:

    My instructor has moved to stack and tilt and is now teaching it to his students. For me, I have a habit of hitting fat, and this addresses it. I am hitting the ball squarer and further then I ever have in the past. Very simple style of swing, essentially only a two move swing. It eliminates timing errors of weight shifting. I think this is a great swing for mid to high handicappers.

    Anonymous says:

    I'm 60 yrs old, have a 7.3 index at a forgiving local public course (http://www.willowgolf.com), and have played, analyzed (and loved) the game for 53 years.

    I read the Stack & Tilt article twice, and got very enthusiastic. It just made all kinds of sense to me. Yesterday (no practice sessions) I just went out and played a round. I could not believe the difference.

    Stack & Tilt eliminated my long, weight-shifting, wristy, slightly out-to-in swing and replaced it with a short, simple, connected one. It's like someone else is hitting the ball. I can't believe how far the ball goes, considering my backswing feels like it's about half the length it was before.

    Three years ago, aided by a 35 mph tailwind I drove the green from the middle (white) tees on a 280 yard par 4, which plays across a pond. I remember putting everything I had into it - I haven't made it since.

    Yesterday I was pin high just to the left of that green; against a 5-10 mph crossing breeze! I hit the shot with a normal swing effort which always leaves me about 30 to 50 yards short. It didn't feel any different except when I looked up I saw a lower, more penetrating ball flight with a slight draw. Trust me - that's not how I usually hit the ball (grin).

    My ball flight is now right-to-left or straight, and it seems that I have greatly reduced my chances for swing errors by adopting Stack & Tilt. It really feels different - much shorter, and for the first time I now understand what a "connected" swing feels like.

    Anonymous says:

    It has improved all aspects of my ball striking.. especially driving (both length and accuracy). All in a few weeks with no formal instruction! The best part is I now have my confidence back. Thank you Bennett and Plummer for thinking outside the box!

    Anonymous says:

    Tried the swing out on the course and I have to say I'm converted. I'm a 12 handicapper and haven't seen huge improvement in my swing even with a couple of lessons every year. There were always too many moving parts that had to be aligned in order to hit the sweet spot of the club.

    I like the fact that by taking the weight shift and head shift out of the equation, I was able to concentrate more on staying connected through the back swing.

    I must say I didn't have huge success with the 'jumping up' move at impact. But I still think the merits outweigh what I haven't been able to master.

    I'm a fan the stack and tilt.

    JP says:

    So, last week I decided to make the switch to the S&T. The reason being that I had been on vacation and my ball striking was miserable when I came back.

    As soon as I started using the swing, I made amazing contact. The success of the swing type is truly spectacular.

    I love the stack and tilt and would recommend it for any amateur golfer.

    Anonymous says:

    I went to the stack and tilt method a little less than a month ago, and I have never hit the ball so well. For the first time in my life the majority of my range session are good to excellent, and there have been some where I hit virtually every shot between the screws. This is amazing for me, since I always struggled to make solid contact.

    This has been reflected on the course as well, as I have on more than one occasion hit 10 greens in a row in regulation, something I couldn't even dream of before. Not surprisingly, my handicap has dropped; I was a four handicap who was struggling to stay there, but now I'm a three and will drop to at least a 2.4 after the next revision date. It's quite simply the correct way to hit the ball.

    I do have to point out, though, that the two men who have popularized this method DID NOT invent it -- they just christened it stack and tilt.

    Anonymous says:

    I love it! I move off the ball like Curtis Strange and have always had a hard time getting back to the ball. I would find myself getting the club caught behind me. With the Stack and Tilt I am staying over the ball and hitting the ball much more consistently. I have also seen a great improvement in my sand game. I recently qualified for a National tournament and couldn't be happier!

    Anonymous says:

    I love it! I move off the ball like Curtis Strange and have always had a hard time getting back to the ball. I would find myself getting the club caught behind me. With the Stack and Tilt I am hitting the ball much more consistantly. I have also seen a great improvement in my sand game.

    Unknown says:

    Was looking through old Golf Digest's and came across the Stack & Tilt article and decided to go to the range and try it. I have never hit the ball so flush and consistently in my life.

    Tried it on the course yesterday, did not hit the driver as well as I would like, but after about 5 holes I was hitting everything but the driver flush.

    Just found part 2 of the article on line and they address the driver a little more, so I'm hoping I will be hitting that like my other clubs soon.

    Anonymous says:

    The guy in the video clearly has no clue about the S&T. He can be seen shifting and swaying off the ball during his drills. Note the lateral movement of his head on his feet together drill. Also, he sets up with his centers behind the ball, which can be the bane of the conventional swinger. Look at the vid of Will Mackenzie and compare this guy with Will. There are no similarities between the two. This pro should go back and read and learn what the GD articles say, and then he should carefully practice the move before providing an analysis. Nothing says "charlattan" more than an uninformed instructor.

    Anonymous says:

    I have briefly tried the stack and tilt over the last 3 weeks. I read the initial article and found it interesting, but dismissed it as another fad swing. I then saw the followup article in golf digest and was at a point where I was willing to try something new. I was truly amazed. I studied the article and tried it. I saw immediate improvement in accuracy,distance and a newfound consistency. Honsestly, it seemed too good to be true. So far, though it HAS held up-I pray it remains that way. The adjustments for the driver swing in the 2nd golg digest article were very helpful.

    Anonymous says:

    it is indeed the cure for me... once a 5.9 HC and recently ballooned to 10 due to rib and back pain... SaT has enabled me to play pain free for the past two weeks... and I've already dipped back down to an 8.5... which would be even lower had I been able to putt better too

    In a nutshell:

    I am hitting longer by a club to a club and a half
    i am hitting controllable draws
    I am hitting straighter
    I can make a pain free _full_ turn
    I can hit long irons
    I can now hit a driver using SaT - I just grip down about 2" on the driver and hit solid , longer, straighter drives

    oh yeah... did I mention I'm playing pain free for the first time in four years?
    what's not to like about?

    Anonymous says:

    I will agree with all of the statements above. The swing is sound and adds distance to every club. The first thing I noticed was a gain of 25 yards to my driver and I have never been known as a short hitter. Yesterday I got 3 yards short of a tough 555 yd. par 5 in two shots. The only new comment I can add is, the harder I swing the better the contact becomes. I really like to go after the ball and now I can really make the ball explode.

    Anonymous says:

    I have gone from a 6 handicap to a 1 this summer thanks to S&T. I have played for 30+ years, tried various swing theories including Jimmy Ballard / Connection and S&T works the best. Now at 40 years old, I am playing the best golf of my life. My shot dispersion has decreased dramatically and I hit the ball solidly much more consistently. Now, is there S&T for putting!!?!?

    Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable....Goodbye fat and thin shots. Went from 16HC to 12. Not sure if if S & T is good for the driver. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    Anonymous says:

    S&T swing I can hit the driver, man goal to keep head steady, hitting it a long way 270+ now, before about the same but much more accurate, and irons better controal and distence such as 7 irons 175-180 yards normal, and easy to cut/draw/high/low.

    Anonymous says:

    The stack and Tilt swing has been an epiphany for me. I have been playing golf for almost one year and have taken lessons, but until I discovered the Stack and Tilt swing, it was very hard to maintain any consistency without spending a lot of time at the range hitting balls which got expensive.

    After reading about the stack & tilt, I went to the range and was hitting shots much more solid and longer with a slight draw. So far where I was hitting a four iron is now a five. This swing has made me a much more consistent ball striker with less swing anxiety that I had from the conventional swing because my body doesn't move off the ball. This week I will take the swing to the course and report back on how it worked out.

    Anonymous says:

    Today I took the Stack and Tilt swing to the range and the results were very positive. I shot 42 on a local course's front nine. My usual score for nine is hovers between 49 and 51. For starters, the S & T swing is a very athletic swing; to make this swing work, one has to be some what aggresive on down swing. I hit 6 out of the 9 fairways and 5 G.I.R's. My shots were long and straight with a gentle fade. The greens I did miss were just shy of the green either to the left or the right for easy up and downs. My ball striking was fairly consistent for a new swing change. The highlight of my game was a 280 yard bomb on the fifth hole that put me within 100 yards of the green.

    Some things that came to my attention with the S& T swing is that 1.) It is a very physically taxing swing due to being a rotational swing. 2.) To hit the driver what worked for me was teeing the ball low and choking up on it bit. 3.) What makes this swing really work is the hip movement; if the hip turn gets lazy
    then this swing goes south real quick. As a matter of fact, the only bad shot I hit was because of lazy hips. 4.) Speaking for myself, I found that starting the downswing with hips allowed for the straightest shots with a slight draw. With this swing I realized that I was constantly slicing and pushing my driver shots was because my arms were always getting stuck behind me on the downswing. With the S & T swing I initiate the downswing with my hips and clear my left side so that my arms can swing around my body more freely. The S &T swing has allowed me to hit the driver much straighter. Lastly, rotating the arms around the body on the back swing is key as well. Also, make sure your left arm is on the same plane as your shoulder by keeping your hands low on the take away. Overall, I am pleased with the S & T swing; I expect to break 80 with it before the golf season ends here in Kentucky. The next time out I will be more comfortable with the S & T.

    Anonymous says:

    For stack and tilt driver problems my way to correct it was to move the ball outside my front foot at address. Due to the steeper angle of attack the arc of the circle needs more time to start up so by giving this extra distance to the ball that solved the problem.

    Anonymous says:

    Got the DVD set and watched Disc 1 three nites in a row and then went and played 9 without hitting a single ball before hand. Hit the last 3 greens in regulation. Watched Disc 1 for the next 2 nites and again did not practice at all before playing 9 holes. The result? 7 out of 7 fairways and 8 out of 9 greens. The swing is an absolute dream come true. Because of work, I never get to hit balls during the week. I just take a 7 iron and take about 10swings in the yard every evening when I get home from work. I also make it a point to watch Disc 1 at least every other night to ingrain the fundamentals and imprint the visuals in my brain. BEWARE! You will pick up 1 to 2 clubs in distance so account for that when it comes to club selection. I recommend starting with 1 club less than you usually use (take a 9 where you usually hit an 8, etc.) This swing is simple, it's long, and deadly accurate. Give it a full month of study and some backyard practice and YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

    Anonymous says:

    I agree with these comments. It has been 5 months since I was on the course after an accident last fall. I watched the videos and have been doing a little (very little) swinging in my living room. Just got back from Yuma and played 3 of the most enjoyable rounds I have every played. Had an eagle putt on a dog leg par 5. Chipped from the fringe on other par 5s. Most importantly the compact swing keeps the ball down for me and is very penetrating. Crisp and solid hits. Was on the fairway most of the time. Can't wait for spring. A frozen Virginia golfer.

    I bought the DVD series, liked it at first, then starting pushing shots, lost about 10 to 20 yards on clubs. Couldn't figure out how to the driver either.
    Converted to the one plane swing, then that started going south!!
    Took a look at this site, then studied the DVD one more time.
    Hitting All clubs with great contact!

    bought the DVD series, liked it at first, then starting pushing shots, lost about 10 to 20 yards on clubs. Couldn't figure out how to the driver either.
    Converted to the one plane swing, then that started going south!!
    Took a look at this site, then studied the DVD one more time.
    Hitting All clubs with great contact!

    Anonymous says:

    SnT improved my iron play dramatically after just watching a few videos online and reading the Golf Digest article on it.

    The reduction in weight shift added significant consistency to my shots and I was still able to build up enough torque that I didn't lose distance. In fact, the extra control really lets me add some zip to iron shots by engaging more muscles and hitting down at the ball.

    I haven't yet perfected using it with my driver, but I have always struggled with that club unless someone was watching and helping me with it.

    Overall I think it's a great approach to the golf swing based on science and observation rather than outdated methods. It will probably continue to gain traction with the pros but I'd guess it will help the rest of us the most. It's great because it can help less athletic/flexible people focus on ball striking and yet it's great for stronger people because they can attack the ball with more confidence and power.

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