Jason Gore back on top at The PLAYERS

This week has really been the second coming of the Jason Gore who was in contention for the U.S. Open in 2005, despite being a member of the Nationwide Tour. That Jason Gore went on to win three straight Nationwide Tour events, leading to a "battlefield exemption" onto the PGA Tour. From there, he won Joe Hardy's 84 LUMBER Classic, an event hosted by 84 LUMBER sponsored John Daly.

Sure, there are numerous parallels between Gore and Long John. Big bellies. Laid back attitude. Easy relation to the regular Joe, the rebellious working man who deeply contrasts the Country-Club-golf stereotype. Of course, the newest one is the long drought and inconsistency which has occurred ever since Gore got his Tour Card. Almost instantly, Gore's game fell hard. Maybe he wasn't ready for the publicity or large crowds.

One of the most logical answers is problems with his coaching. For those of you who read the recent golf revolution, the new "Stack and Tilt" swing, it is easy to think that the men responsible for the new swing, Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, have found golf's Holy Grail. The article offers mostly positive comments on the swing, but it is likely Jason Gore who suffered the most as a result of it. After Gore worked with Bennett and Plummer, his swing went through the major meltdown that was his 2006 season. Luckily, he realized that something wasn't right, and is now back to a conventional method which works well with his body type and athletic capabilities.

At this point on Saturday, it looks like Gore will have a shot on Sunday at capturing his second career victory, and his first title at golf's "Fifth Major."

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