Woman has eleven holes-in-one in 2007

Jacqueline Gagne is one in a trillion. The 46 year old, California woman has shot eleven holes-in-one in 2007. She had shot ten and a television crew came to interview her. She was demonstrating her skills, and landed another one on film.

She admits to playing golf everyday. Her feat has landed her an invitation to appear on The David Letterman Show.

The chance of making one hole in one is about 1 in 5,000. The chance of making seven holes in one in 65 rounds is one in 114 million billion. Gagne is much more likely to win the MegaMillions lottery than shoot eleven holes in one. Someone has witnessed every hole in one Gagne has made. Three of the shots came during tournament play. The very first hole in one in 2007 earned her a prize: a golfing vacation to Pinehurst in North Carolina.

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