Equipment Review: Layerco Poly Max Extremes

Layerco's Poly Max Extremes made a gigantic leap in popularity last month when they were featured in Golf World. Subsequently, became interested in seeing whether or not a sticker can change the ball flight of all golf clubs. The modest packaging of the "Extremes" claims to achieve "Extreme Ball Distance" by utilizing a greater "Sling shot effect." Most golfers at this point in time are familiar with the study of MOI (Moment of Inertia), which has been a major technological change in drivers, irons, and putters in the golf industry. However, for golfers looking to further maximize distance on mishit, and possibly hit their good shots farther, the Extremes could be the solution.
My Thoughts:
After receiving the product, I was a bit sceptical. After peeling off the first sticker and placing it on my driver, I was ready to see if I could achieve more distance (illegally). I was immediately surprised by the distance gain I experienced while using the Extremes. On mishits, such as off the toe side or heel side of the driver, I could reach almost the same distance as my normal good shots without the sticker. The distance gain is pretty obvious, and the increased MOI also helps to hit the ball straighter by lessening sidespin. Following my driver session, I decided to give the Extremes a chance with my irons. While I realized this was not what the Extremes were designed for, could my entire set be made extremely long? Layerco, manufacturers of the Extremes, say, "Designed exclusively for all drivers & woods, you can use them on your Irons as well." The result of my irons was much more modest, but I did notice more solid ball flight on mishits as well. The actual distance gain on center hits seemed to be much more limited when compared with the results of my driver test. Additionally, the application of the Extreme to the irons is a bit more difficult, and should probably be cut down prior to being stuck on.

The Poly Max Extremes is a relatively simple product: a plastic, sticker-like adhesive with a piece of brown paper on the back. The Extreme increases a golfer's Moment of Inertia, resulting in longer shots from on-center hits, but more noticeably, better ball flight on poor shots. However, the Poly Max Extremes are considered illegal under the USGA and R&A's rules of golf. This means that a Poly Max Extreme is just as illegal as playing with a 500cc driver, or another alteration.
Final Thoughts:
While the Poly Max Extremes are an effective way to increase your length, they are still illegal under golf's rules. Additionally, they are virtually undetectable for the first several shots, but after several hits, the imprint of the ball on the clubface is noticeable. For this reason, I would not recommend trying the cheat your friends or use it in tournament play. However, this is a fun way to hit extremely long shots on the range, or help out the short hitter during recreational rounds. A package of Poly Max Extremes consists of 18 stickers, which Layerco recommends using one per round of golf. Also, removal of the Extreme is better then expected, since there is no residue. Golfers may just peel the Extreme off, just as easily as they put it on. One pack of Poly Max Extremes costs $14.95 when ordered directly from Layerco. gives the Poly Max Extremes receive 3.5 out of 5 stars, because the product is effective in increasing distance, but is still illegal in tournament play, or for rounds where golfers plan to enter their scores for handicap reasons.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Purchased PolyMax Extremes from eBay "golfbargins" directly from Layerco company and the OWNER sent me this EXTREMELY RUDE email when I asked him why he charged me $4.95 shipping when the postmark on the little envelope was only for 58 cents!:


    My email:

    Why are you angry at me for asking you why you charged me $4.95 shipping for a 58 cent envelope? The only thing I rated you low on was shipping charges but I still gave you positive overall feedback? I am very familiar with polyvinyl and other pliable plastic materials which can have adhesive backing applied to them and these PolyMax Extremes are nothing more than thin soft plastic with sticky back cut into neat little club face shapes. I can get 5-6 square foot rolls (720-864 square inches) of nearly identical material for the same price as these which only have a total area of only about 140 square inches. It's a neat marketing ploy and I'm not complaining because I clearly made the choice to purchase them from you. I am only disappointed that you would list the item's shipping charge so high when it was really so low and then be rude to me when I question this. If you want buyers to rate your shipping charges as "5-stars" then list the shipping charge as the actual cost you pay and increase the item's cost which would still be well below the $14.99 price you claim they normally sell for. I was just hoping the items you were selling were more specialized than what it turned out to be.


    golfbargains/layerco's response:

    We won't miss your business a$$hole. But thanks for trying them out. 1,800 other buyers enjoy using them and the distance gained from them. READ THE FEEDBACKS, if it was a gimmic we wouldnt be in business. $4.95 for shipping and handeling charges is fair. If you want something for nothing steal it! We don't rip off anyone. Its a great product and the company that produces them is doing well Thank you.
    We suggest you purchase an illegal driver for the distance you are looking for.



    First off why would a business owner call someone who just gave them business by buying their product "an a$$hole"?!?!?

    Second, I never said anything to him about wanting greater distance in any email so I don't know why he was so rude about that too?

    Third, They came in a 4"x6" envelope with a 58 cent postmark with the address hand written on it! There was no expensive packaging or even a printed label HAHA!

    Fourth, why would any business insult their buyers when all the buyer wanted to know is why the auction listed the shipping charge as $4.95 and it turned out to only be 58 cents? all I typed was "Why did you list the shipping as $4.95 when it only cost you 58 cents?"


    These little plastic stickers that apply to the driver face actually do not give any more carry distance, they lower distance because they absorb slightly more energy than a bare driver face would since the plastic absorbs some of the compression energy at impact. Harder materials transfer more energy, softer materials transfer less energy. Think of a bowling ball landing on a padded rug or on will bounce alot higher off concrete than rug because it absorbs less energy. The plastic on the face lowers overall spin making the ball fly slightly straighter with less backspin. Once they hit the ground since there is less backspin they roll farther so if you are playing on very fast fairways or a downhill sloping fairway then these will give you more overall distance, but less carry. If you are playing on very slow fairways these will actually lower your overall distance. The reason for this is because with less backspin the ball will not stay in the air as long because less spin means less lift, and with less lift the ball drops to the fairway sooner. We are all induced to impulse buying with these catchy gimmicks so next time you see something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and there is probably a better/cheaper/faster way to do it than spending the money on their gimmick as shown below...

    Waxing your driver face will eliminate even more spin than these sticky plastic sheets giving you better spin-reducing results without having to buy these expensive gimmicks and cut them out to the shape of your driver every time. Waxing your driver face is also WAY CHEAPER (about 1/10 of a cent worth of wax), applies in less time than trying to position a sticker, lasts longer (4-5 rounds), AND CAN NOT BE DETECTED BY ANYONE if you just heat it (with a lighter, stove, etc) enough to melt a thin layer on and wipe the excess off with a napkin. Ball marks on the driver face look the same as without any wax, but you reduce the spin by about 40%-70% depending on the thickness of wax! The stickers only reduce spin by about 25%-30%. I have tried both extensively for over 6 months playing almost every day so I know exactly how they both work of about 20 local courses around CA, CO, and NV!

    Save your money and stick with wax for a 2x-3x better effect, 1/1000 the cost, and no visible alterations like stickers show and leave! I guarantee you will see a better result with wax than stickers!

    Anonymous says:

    I received my packet of"Poly Max" on the morning of Thursday last. As I was playing a seniors match later that day I fitted one of the patches to my driver,(expecting it to make little or no difference to my game). However after my second drive I removed the patch from my driver because of the extra length and accuracy of my drives from the tee. I was nervous that one of my playing partners would become interested in, and out of curiosity, examine the driver I was using. Please someone make "Poly Max Extremes" legal.

    Anonymous says:

    I tried the product And gained an extra 40 yards. It does work.

    Anonymous says:

    This is the best golf product I have ever tried, Its a lot of fun to use and my drives are 45 yards more.

    Anonymous says:

    That guy Steve sounds like a real moron crying about a postage stamp. Why didn't you opt for a refund what a looser.

    Anonymous says:

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