Golfers in top 5 of Sports Illustrated's The Fortunate 50

Sports Illustrated just published their annual The Fortunate 50. Any guesses who takes the top spot????

Tiger Woods, of course. Published reports say Tiger earned $11,941,827 in salary and winnings. The real money is in endorsements. SI estimated Tiger's endorsement deals at $100 million.

That is exactly twice the amount of the second highest earner, Oscar De La Hoya.

Leftie -- Phil Mickelson -- took the #3 spot with $4,256,505 in winnings and salary and $47 million in endorsement deals.

Michelle Wie took #22. Her earnings were $735,224. However, her endorsement deals brought her $19,500,000. That's more than Green Bay Packers' quarterback, Brett Favre and considerably more than New England Patriot's quarterback, Tom Brady.

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