Bargain Basement: Taylormade Rescue Mid Hybrid

As a new feature, will share with the golfing world some of the best bargains on the market right now.

Among these is the Taylormade Rescue Hybrid. Any player who has been relatively interested in golf clubs over the past few years has witnessed the birth of the hybrid, a club to replace long irons and woods. Hybrids combine the best features from both the iron and the wood, leading to a club which is much easier to hit with a higher launch. The benefits of taking out the 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, and more are numerous. As a major fan of the hybrid, the club honestly can be used from any place on the course. Hybrids are spectacular off the tee on tight holes, great from the fairway, unbelievably easier to hit from the rough, and can chip from greenside rough with more accuracy than the average iron.

Aside from the reasons why you should use hybrids, the Taylormade Rescue Mid Hybrid would make a great addition to your bag. Currently, the hybrid retails for $99.00 at Golf Galaxy brand new. With an ultralight graphite shaft and a moderate offset, the Rescue Hybrid is extremely easy to hit.

Personally, I feel the Taylormade Rescue Hybrid's technology is at least equivalent to the new Taylormade models, such as the Burner Hybrid or Rescue Dual.

The Rescue Mid comes in 2 iron (16 degrees), 3 iron (19 degrees), and 4 iron (22 degree) replacements. Also, the club originally retailed at $179.99.

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