Sergio's Sunday at Carnoustie

After years of struggling to win a major championship, the 27 year old Spaniard may finally be ready. Sergio Garcia has the 2007 Open Championship locked up. Players dream for situations like this: one schmuck from Wisconsin 3 strokes back, and a whole slew 6 strokes behind.

At this point, there is only one person who can steal the 2007 Open Championship away from Garcia and his funky red pants. A hint: it isn't Tiger. Garcia would have no excuse is he was to, hypothetically, lose the British Open. Sure, he's had many in the past. One way or another, the monkey on his back has always been pressure. Proof of Garcia's ridiculous temper tantrums:

On Sundays, Garcia's putting stroke has melted in the past like ice in the sun. Of course, most of the pressure in previous chances could be credited to Tiger and the crowds he brings with him.

On the other hand, 2007 may be different for El Nino. His major struggle in the past has been with his short game, but his 2007 putting statistics have been generally decent. Moreover, Garcia is entering Sunday with a new stick: the belly putter. While David Fehrety would protest the use of such a putter (alluding to his Crowne Plaza commercial), Garcia may have some new confidence with the long stick.

One way or another, Sunday at Carnoustie will likely define Garcia's career. Who knows? This round could be the turning point for the still young Spaniard allowing him to contend in future majors without fear.

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