Woman has 16 holes-in-one in 2007

A few months ago, I wrote about Jacqueline Gagne, who had an uncanny run of luck -- at that time she had had 11 holes-in-one in 2007. I ran a google check of her today to see if her luck continued.

Despite falling out of public interest for a short time, Gagne is now at sixteen aces.

Sweet Sixteen came last week (July 13th) on the 7th hole at Cobra-Malibu Country Club. It is a 153 yard hole and she was using a 5 iron.

Gagne is 46 years old and started playing golf regularly in 2003. The odds of her achieving this are 133 sextillion to one. Every hole-in-one has been authenticated by other players. More than 50 people have been witness to her skill.
In early July, Gagne was playing at Eagle Falls Golf Course in Indio, CA. While she did not have a hole-in-one that day, she shot a women's course record of 66.

She is now writing a book to be published by summer's end called Turning up Aces.

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