Greg Norman's Wife Accuses him of "Starving" her out

Greg Norman was married for 25 years to Laura Norman and acquired many things during that time, including a $22 million Jupiter Island, Florida estate. Last year, Norman filed for divorce from his wife.

This year, Laura Norman is accusing the famed golfer of holding her "hostage." She filed a document stating that Greg Norman agreed to allow his wife to continue to use credit cards and pay her legal fees. She says he has now cut off the credit cards, changed the locks on the estate and refuses to pay $725,000 (!!!!!!) in her legal fees until she signs a settlement.

One of his attorneys says that the allegations are "absolutely untrue." The attorney goes on to say that, "Mrs. Norman has been exceedingly well funded and that her lifestyle has not been compromised one iota."

Here, all this time, I thought that he only time Greg Norman had to worry about choking was at the big finish of a golf tournament. Turns out, the ex has a chokehold on him too.

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