Ian MacCallister Continues His Crusade Against the NXT

I'd like to officially welcome Ian MacCallister, member of GDAD (Golf Designers Against Distance), to the golf blogosphere. A longtime marketing tool of Titleist, MacCallister opened his NXTube.com in July.

Since the NXT and NXT Tour balls were released by Titleist several years ago, MacCallister has fought hard to save the world's greatest golf courses, endangered by modern technology. However, the call of technology has been a tough one to beat as his worst nightmare is realized:

MacCallister's hipper brother has also embraced the NXT and NXT Tour golf balls in the pursuit of hitting the ball long and straight.

NXTube.com features videos from Ian, information about the enemy golf ball, and even his hit single, "Make Golf Difficult Again." The blog is certainly interesting, and in my opinion a good marketing tool for Titleist, err, a good way for MacCallister to spread his message:
It's nice to see a major corporation making a move to the blogging media.

4 Response to "Ian MacCallister Continues His Crusade Against the NXT"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the NXT. Sorry Ian, but the ball is good for golf.

    Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Quit living with yout GMOM Ian.

    Anonymous says:

    "Make Golf Difficult Again" is hilarious. I highly recommend a listen.

    Anonymous says:

    I think Ian Macallister actually sent in a comment on another blog I saw.

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