Tiger Woods Records Largest Single Payday

Tiger Woods won the 2007 TOUR Championship, the second time he has won the event and won the inaugural FedEx Cup.

The two wins in one day may have been the biggest solo day payout. He won $1.26 million for the TOUR event and won $10 million in a 20 year annuity for the FedEx Cup. You have to believe that amount of money would even impress Tiger.

The $10 million prize is thought to be the largest solo payday. Adding in the $1.26 million actually boggles an ordinary person's mind. To put that into perspective, the USA Census Bureau says that a high school graduate will earn $1.2 million in their lifetime .. a person with a bachelor's degree will earn $2.1 million ... a person with a masters degree will earn $2.5 million .. finally, a person with a doctoral degree will earn $3.4 million in their lifetime.

Woods earned in one day more than three times what a person with a doctoral degree will earn in their entire life.

He has won 7 events this year and is 1, 1, 2, 1 and 1 in his last five events.

Woods is looking forward to taking a break. He plans to help his wife, Elin, raise their daughter, Sam. He said in interviews that he plans to put his clubs down for awhile and just spend time with his family on his boat.

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  1. Woods is raising the bar yet again!

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