Trump Hoping to build Golf Course in Scotland

Donald Trump has to hold his breath until Tuesday to find out if Councillors in Aberdeenshire (a city planning board) will give him permission to build Trump International Golf Links Scotland.

Trump has been quoted as saying it will be "the greatest golf course in the world." That, of course, remains to be seen. He has pledged one billion pounds (equal to be about 2.03 billion American dollars) to build the resort.

Trump has taken out ads touting the support of several high profile businessmen. The support is featured on the corporate website as well. However, 150 people plan to march in protest prior to the vote. They are unhappy because part of the planned resort at Mill of Menie near Balmedie will be built on specially protected land.

One local salmon farmer, Michael Forbes, has refused to sell his 23 acres of land to Trump despite an offer of $900,000. Trump, of course, downplayed the importance of the land. He said, "We want him to be a good neighbor and maintain his property properly," Trump continued. He described Forbes' land as "not a farm, really, but a compound with rusting tractors that look like they haven't been started for years, rusting cans, and it's something that should be taken care of by him.

"It's disgusting," Trump said.
The resort, if approved, would feature two 18 hole golf courses, a 450 room, 5-story hotel, 950 vacation homes , 36 golf villas and 500 upscale homes. Trump's organization has estimated that the resort would create at least 1,000 permanent jobs and inject $47 million into the local economy every year. Locals question what type of jobs would be created, assuming that some are minimal wage positions providing various services to wealthy tourists.

Trump's late mother was from the Scottish island of Lewis.

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