Mercedes-Benz Championship Hard to Get to

Everyone knows that the Mercedes-Benz Champ-ionship in Kapalua, Hawaii is hard to get to. It is a winners only tournament. But for competitor, Boo Weekley, getting to the destination, itself, was difficult.

The Associated Press is reporting that Weekley was held up in Florida, appropriately, by airport security because two bullets from his rifle were found in his carry-on bag. He had used the bag during a hunting trip to Illinois.

He finally arrived in Atlanta, but missed his connection. Weekley, his wife, son and in-laws got a flight the next day to Los Angeles. They were at LAX for nine hours due to airport delays. He arrived in Hawaii about 48 hours after he left home in Florida.

The good news, it will only be a 31-man field. Tiger Woods is skipping the event for the third consecutive time. Mickelson won't play either. Last time he played was 2001. Padraig Harrington is on break in Ireland. Finally, Adam Scott has bailed out citing exhaustion.

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