SUMO Saturday Returns

On Saturday, Feb 2, the Nike Golf's new SQ SUMO 5000 and SQ SUMO(2) 5900 drivers will be made available in stores across the United States. According to the company website, "The SQ SUMO 5000 features a traditional rounded club head design providing golfers with added distance while allowing them to shape their shots more. The SQ SUMO(2) 5900 is the next generation of square head drivers that result in longer, straighter shots."

Just like last year, the unveiling of the clubs will be known as SUMO SATURDAY. The clubs are named Sumo for Super Movement.

Retailers hosting special SUMO Saturday events on Feb. 2 include all Dick's Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith stores. To find a full list of SUMO Saturday retailers as well as additional information about SUMO golf equipment, consumers can log onto, click on SUMO Saturday and enter a city and zip code.

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