Damian McGrane, #319, to play with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods shot a one under 71 in the second round to maintain the lead at the Dubai Desert Classic in the United Arab Emirates.

Conditions were extremely difficult. Winds blew in excess of 30 MPH and constantly pelted golfers and fans with sand in the face, eyes and mouth. More frustrating, perhaps, was the insistent click of cameras despite rules barring photographing the players during play.

Amid all of this, Damian McGrane, ranked #319 in the world, shot a 69 in the second round and now finds himself in second place securing a round with the greatest golfer in the world. McGrane placed third in 2006' KLM Open and in the French Open last year. At one point during the second round, McGrane actually led Tiger. However Woods fired back with a birdie to take the lead. In post-game interviews, McGrane said essentially that it doesn't really matter who he is paired up. Ultimately, whether he does well or not rests solely on McGrane's shoulders.

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