Parallel? New England's Loss and Golf's Grand Slam

While the sports of golf and football seem to have little in common outside of wide fan bases and their athletes' deep pockets, there could be some similarity. Last night, the New England Patriots, of course, fell to the New York Giants on arguably sport's grandest stage: the Super Bowl.

Relevance? For those of you who do not follow the National Football League ( has a surprisngly large non-American audience), the Patriots were pursuing a perfect season: 16-0 in the regular season, a flawless postseason. However, the Giants were able to spoil the Patriots spot in the record books by winning a hard fought battle in Phoenix, Arizona (which, by the way, attracted massive crowds yet again when hosting the PGA Tour's FBR Open).
Interestingly enough, golf's greatest champion, Tiger Woods, has set a similar goal for himself during the 2008 season: complete golf's first professional grand slam. To do so, Tiger would have to fend off four great fields, dominate four tough courses, and continue to play at his best through this entire season.
As the Patriots illustrated, winning against the best for that long isn't easy. Of course, Tiger did not enter this season with three consecutive Associated Press Athlete of the Year titles for nothing.

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