Man to spend 300 days on remote island in the Pacific. No golf?

According to the Private Islands Blog:

"French explorer and adventurer Xavier Rosset is about to embark on a 300 day trip to live alone on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific. His adventures will be filmed and used for a 52 minute documentary.

Xavier’s only luggage will be a Swiss army knife, machete, video camera, and a solar panel for charging the camera. He will spend 10 months alone on an island to develop another way of life through an exciting adventure, a return to the elemental sources. Xavier will survive alone on an island without human interference and without polluting emissions.

The ambition of this documentary is to make a reflection on our lifestyle, our current system and our relationship to nature. And the most important thing is to put the dream and emotion at the heart of adventure natural.

He will find timber to build a shelter, feed on the rudimentary fishing, plants and the harvesting of rainwater to survive."

If performing the same mission, would you rather bring a 7 iron and a shag bag of balls, or 300 days of food of your choice?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is similar to this. Although a little bit off topic, maybe this guy can make a floating golf course out of plastic bottles!

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