Monday Final: Woods vs. Mediate


Tiger Woods, billed as the first player to win the "Grand Slam," recovered from a devastating loss at Augusta National and a knee surgery to find himself in a playoff for the title. Rocco Mediate (left) has quite a different story.

Mediate, who has won five events on the PGA Tour during career, has no major championships. He qualified to play in this event a day short of two weeks when he steps onto the tee box tomorrow. The last time he had a chance at winning the major, he was leading the 2006 Masters. However, Mediate found himself falling off the leaderboard after a sextuple bogey on the 12th at Augusta. Mediate then removed himself from competitive golf in 2007 while performing the duties of on-course commentator for the Golf Channel.

Despite being two completely different players (most notably, Tiger's World Ranking at 1, Rocco's World Ranking at 158), they are almost character foils. Woods, the exciting, young, star almost groomed to be in this position by men like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. On the other hand, Rocco would become the oldest player in U.S. Open history to claim the title at age 45 if he were to beat Tiger tomorrow.

The last time Woods and Rocco have played together competitively was at the Phoenix Open in 1999. Mediate led the tournament by six strokes, but ultimately won with three strokes to spare over Tiger.

Regardless, this playoff will most certainly be a show.

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