Retief Goosen continues to apologize to Tiger over comments

If there is one unspoken rule in professional golf, many would contend that it is, "Don't mess with Tiger." Unprecedented fan support, a cut throat IMG public relations team, and the skill to back up his status as the world's best make Tiger (pictured left) a figure that most PGA Tour professionals know not to slip up with.

Even the young Tiger Woods has a similar affect before much of the fame and fortune when Fuzzy Zoeller's racist comments at Augusta essentially led to 0 support from golf fans.

Last week, with Tiger Woods out of the game, the media fired questions about what the PGA Tour would be like without Tiger at everyone from the players to commissioner Tim Finchem.

One player, most certainly, slipped up. Retief Goosen (pictured right), when asked about whether or not Tiger's injury was faked, told the media, "I think so. It just seemed that when he hit a bad shot his knee was in pain and on his good shots he wasn’t in pain. You see when he made the putts and he went down on his knees and was shouting, ‘Yeah’, his knee wasn’t sore."

Whoops. Possibly the most surprising thing is that this comment came from Goosen, who not only is a PGA Tour veteran with two U.S Open titles, but one of the most calm headed players in the game (which many credit to the fact that Goosen has been struck by lightning as many times as he has won major championships).

Goosen later apologized for the comment to the media, but has continued to try to apologize to the world's best player through his blog. Goosen wrote, "It would be impossible for me to talk about last week without commenting on the media reports. Talk about putting my foot in my mouth! Actually my comments after Tiger won the Open were intended to be tongue in cheek, and certainly not the way they appeared in print. But they did, and I wholeheartedly apologise for that and intend to contact Tiger to explain this to him."

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