Tony Romo lights up Torrey Pines

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo led a group of amateurs yesterday in a celebrity packed foursome.

Playing in NBC and Golf Digest's U.S. Open Amateur Challenge, Romo fired a stellar 84 under "tournament conditions." Romo, who failed to qualify for the actual tournament, led the group on the 7,600 yard course.

While it will not match the spectacular scores that will inevitably be put up next weekend, Romo certainly accomplished his goal: to break 100. As written on the blog previously, the point of this event was to test Tiger Woods' claim that no 10 handicap could break 100 on the course the pros played at Oakmont last year.

On the other hand, Romo still isn't a 10 handicap. Romo, in fact, plays to a 2.2 under the American system.

More surprisingly, singer Justin Timberlake also was able to break 100. The Associated Press so beautifully noted, "Timberlake, outfitted in a dashing black trilby hat and tuxedo-stripe pants, started hamming it up with the gallery once his taut dancer's swing started to go south, blowing on the ball as it rimmed the seventh hole without any luck and asking the crowd to approve his drop into the rough at the edge of the fairway." He was able to sign for a 98 at the end of the day.
"The Today Show's" Matt Lauer limped in to a 100. Though, the star of the group, Omaha's John Atkinson was unable to beat Tiger's expectation, posting a 114. However, Atkinson, playing while facing inoperable lung cancer, was glad to have the experience and enjoyed the round thoroughly.

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