Without Tiger, Furyk is ready to roar

The Buick Open was supposed to be a showcase of Tiger's power over the golf world. He would have given a clinic at Comerica Park, the first time he would have given golf instruction in a stadium setting. Pictures of Tiger Woods covered the local airport in preparation for the event. Buick, the sponsor of the Buick Open and Tiger Woods, used the World's number one player as the focus of their advertisements on the course. Now, the Buick Open isn't looking so hot.

Last year, the tournament's most exciting moment (though there was little competition) was the 12 foot putt on the 18th hole during Sunday's round sunk by Brian Bateman. With that putt, the relatively unknown PGA Tour player captured his first PGA Tour victory.

Bateman is again in the field. With little competition from the world's best players, it is not unfeasible that Bateman may capture another victory at the Buick. However, former U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk (pictured left) will enter the tournament as the highest ranked player in the field (12th in the World Ranking).

Thus, while the fanfare accompanying any Tiger Woods attended tournament will be absent, this will certainly be the PGA Tour's first opportunity to prove that they can do without Tiger. Perhaps a more reasonable goal might be to demonstrate that the Tour can survive without its best players.

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