Oakland Hills will put up a fight for the 90th PGA Championship

Traditionally, the PGA Championship has been the least exciting major. For one, it, as always, is the end of "major championship" golf for yet another season. Outside of marking the end of truly exciting play (though, the PGA Tour would like the FedEx Cup to change that), the lack of the distinct appeal that other majors have contributes to its dull feeling.

This is often the case as the PGA Championship lacks a "course-identity" unlike the other majors - the Masters has Augusta, of course, the U.S. Open is always the center of disaster on pumped up historic courses, and the British Open is the highlight of traditional links layouts. The PGA has struggled to find its niche - though it has taken over some former U.S. Open venues in recent years.

For 2008, the PGA Championship will be going USGA on Oakland Hills. 2008 Open Champion Padraig Harrington commented, "The usual setup for the PGA is more like a tough U.S. tour event. It’s nearly more U.S. Open-type that the U.S. Open is at the moment, if that makes any sense. It’s actually like they switched the two of them around this year.”

Oakland Hills has added 318 yards since it hosted the Ryder Cup in 2004. Moreover, the course will play at a par 70 with converted par 5s to challenge players. Moreover, two of the course's par 3s are hardly pitch-and-putt at distances over 230 yards.

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