More Daly drama; ex-wife accused of theft

If there is one thing more widely understood about John Daly than his long drives, its his natural affinity for drama and controversy. Frequently, Long John has found himself in sticky situations as a result of marital troubles of some form or another.

This time, an ex-wife has had a run-in with the law. John Daly had filed a complaint in early June accusing former wife Sherrie Daly of stealing his cell phone from his tour bus.

According to (John) Daly, the phone was stolen while his famous tour bus was parked behind the John Daly Bar & Grill.

Sherrie's court date is currently set for October 9th, 2008.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OK,,, inquiring people!! Here is the scoop & I will keep myself as "female anonymous". Being close with the lion,,he was asleep after an 18 hour workday and the crazy psycho ex breaks into his bus intoxicated!! He has no idea but she proceeds to call most of his phone contacts telling them that she killed him. There were so many calls to the police dept even the police couldn't wake him when they arrived to the bus at 2am. Finally, upon answering the door the police said there were calls in regards to his safety when he realized she broke on to his private tour bus & stole his phone. He wanted to press charges on breaking/entering but bc they are not legally divorced he will be able to have her charged with petty larcony which she derserves a whole lot worse being she is still on "FEDERAL PAROLE"!! Just want to clear JD's name as we are his biggest fans here in Arkansas!!Rules to remember: don't believe felons, ex-wives & lawyers!!

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