At the 16th, Tiger is in hot water

A timeline of (potentially) Tiger's last moments in the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship. 

5:35 PM: Tiger Woods, facing Tim Clark, is in serious trouble as he prepares to tee off on the par 3 16th hole. 

5:35 PM: Clark's drive landed within a few feet of the hole, which almost certainly means that Tiger will be shut out of the match unless Clark provides a catastrophic failure. 

5:36 PM: Tiger's drive fails to hold onto the green. Tiger will face a tricky chip from several feet off the short grass as Clark stares down a fairly straightforward birdie putt to win the match. 

5:38 PM: Tiger's chip shot finishes several feet away from the hole. As he paces toward his ball, he concedes the hole (and thus the match) to Tim Clark. 

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