Henrik Stenson hits shot in the (almost) nude

Henrik Stenson (pictured left) has made his mark in the United States through several years of strong play. However, an unusual moment at the World Golf Championships' CA Championship may be the moment he is remembered for in the future. 

After a wayward tee shot, Stenson was left with an approach shot out of a muddy spot to save the hole. Rather than trying to take a drop or risking his clean clothes, Stenson did the same thing that any Swede in his right mind would do: strip to his boxers and play through. 

Indeed he did. Stenson ultimately made bogey after punching out wearing only boxers and one golf glove. In doing so, he managed to finish the round with a 69. 

An aside: if Phil Mickelson is reading this, please never, ever, ever imitate your Swedish peer's strategy. 

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