Hacker Alert: Issue 3

Today was another range session. I finally began to fill out the bag, so I wanted to have an opportunity to give my new (albeit tremendously used but recently added) Titleist Vokey (52 degree) wedge a shot. 

When I arrived at the range, the weather was spectacular. In terms of temperature, it was nearly perfect. Plus, few other golfers were hitting at the time, which meant I could smack balls at peace without worrying about others watching me. 

Suddenly, after buying two enormous buckets of balls, a storm began to brew which rivaled that faced by Carl Spackler in "Caddyshack." Almost. At least, there was a severe wind coming straight away from the target, which meant any ball that went higher than 10 feet in the air was doomed to lose substantial distance. 

In the midst of the strong wind, I hit my first shank of the season. Ouch. Honestly, when I started playing again, I expected the shank to be my most common shot shape. I was fortunately wrong as my first range sessions included many solid shots. Well, at least those shots were nothing to be embarrassed of. Like the golf gods often do, my normal incompetence has returned and every golfer around me is, once again, vulnerable to incoming artillery. 

Simply put, I was
 never able to get into the rhythm today. Anytime that I felt as though I was making progress, a gust of wind would fly in and find someway to negatively impact my game. Not good. Midway into the second bucket, I had enough of this nonsense. 

On the bright side, my swing coach returns tomorrow. I haven't visited him in well over a year and a half, so perhaps "my swing coach" might not be the right way to put it. Hopefully we can address my flaws early on to prevent them from becoming engrained like usual and plaguing me throughout the season. 

In other news, I also began to tackle the issue of golf style. Lacking a clean golf hat, I decided to begin anew by purchasing a new one. Wielding a Taylormade driver, I thought it was only fitting that I sport a Taylormade cap (spoiler: a review is probably on the way). As you can see in the picture, we are talking about a high-tech, meshy type of cap. It even said "Sergio Garcia" on the price tag, so I imagine this is some over-priced replica of his. Nevertheless, I ate dinner afterward without choking, which was a pleasant surprise. 

On a similar note, the folks at Tifosi Optics sent me a new pair of sunglasses, and a new review will be going up for those in the next few days. Stick around! 

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