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One of the first reviews ever conducted on ZealousGolfer.com was of Tifosi Optics' Pave sunglasses. To this day, I still often sport to Paves when I am on the course (and for good reason). This year, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take a look at one of Tifosi's 2009 models: the Stelvio. 

My Thoughts: 

As noted, I have enjoyed Tifosi sunglasses in the past. Like other athletic eyewear, the Stelvio sports an extremely sleek frame. However, one of the unique features of Tifosi sunglasses is the interchangeable lens system. Unlike other glasses, the Stelvio enables players to choose the lenses that best match the conditions and their game. 

The GT (Golf/Tennis) lens maximizes the illumination of objects so that players may better see the golf ball in flight. This lens was tailored specifically to balance the target and background brightness found with green grass conditions, which makes the lenses perfect for any golf course. In my experience, these lenses do extremely well on sunny days. For those of you who, like me, are prone to losing the ball while it is in the air from time to time, the glasses will certainly help to shave a few minutes off of your rounds. 

Next, the Extreme Contrast lens aids in distinguishing terrain details such as the breaks of a putting green. As the company notes, the lens filters the bright light spectrum to increase contrast. Consequently, players using these lenses may better identify the subtle changes in the green and make more putts in the process. As a player who has struggled to read subtle breaks in the past, this lens is by far my favorite innovation. Any lens that can help me to distinguish the best line for a putt deserves an A+ in my book. 

Finally, you will also receive the AC lenses, which are tremendously helpful for overcast days. These lenses produce a brightening effect which enables players to attain a truer view of the course despite the less bright conditions. 

Of course, these lenses come with every pair of Tifosi glasses, so you don't need to worry about buying after-market accessories. Though the technology behind the lenses is fascinating, changing the lenses is surprisingly simple. To remove a lens, the owner only needs to grasp one of the sides and exert pressure downward to unlock the lens. Installing a new lens is just as easy. Fortunately, the lenses, even after several years of use, still remain firmly in place. 

A less scientific but nonetheless essential component of the sunglasses is the nose piece. For the golfer who sweats on the hot days of summer, you have no need to worry. The rubber nose piece is comfortable and should prevent the glasses from slipping off your face
 for all 18 holes. 

Who Should Buy This? 

Any golfer could 
appreciate these glasses. Given the negative effects of UV light on the eyes, sunglasses are definitely an investment worth making these days. Though the glasses are helpful on the golf course, there is no reason that they couldn't do the job when you are driving and jogging and need some protection from the sun.  

However, as explained, these glasses will benefit any golfer. From being able to distinguish features of the course more clearly to being better equipped to read the breaks of the green, the Stelvio is one of the few golf products that can instantly improve a player's game. 


The Tifisoi Stelvio sunglasses are an all-around great product. The combination of style and innovation is magnificent. I am certain that a lot of thought went into making a true pair of "golf glasses," and any player who purchases the Stelvio will reap the rewards. The retail price of the Stelvio is $59.95, and they are carried by many major golf retailers (i.e. Edwin Watts golf). Make sure to check out the Tifosi Optics website to find more information about the Stelvio glasses as well as their other products. 

As a weekend golfer, I was definitely impressed with the Stelvio glasses. For that reason, the glasses receive 5 out of 5 stars from ZealousGolfer.com. Great work! 

Interested in having your golf product reviewed? Check out our article on how to submit a request for a product review. At ZealousGolfer.com, we are always looking to bring new products to our readers. 

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  1. Stephen says:

    Just stumbled on this review...found a place that had a brand new pair of tifosi sunglasses to me in two days! Which was good because I had a golf tourney to play in that week, and I don't want to play without tifosi's, that's for sure! Here's the page http://www.billythetree.com/tifosi-sunglasses-professional-sports.aspx

    I totally agree with the review by the way!

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