Golf Digest is tweeting: Updates on the US Open Challenge

Anyone who has read an issue of Golf Digest over the past two years is probably aware of the "US Open Challenge." In 2007, Tiger Woods claimed that a 10 handicap would not break 100 if they were to play Oakmont Country Club under the USGA's conditions. 

The result? Golf Digest has tested Tiger's hypothesis by taking three celebrities/golfers and pairing them with an average Joe, selected by an application process. 

This year's group consists of basketball phenomenon Michael Jordan, two-time Super Bowl winner and Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger, pop music star Justin Timberlake, and Larry Giebelhausen. Larry is a police officer, and he will be put to the test to see if he can beat 100 at Bethpage Black. 

The foursome hit the links this morning, and they are still on the course. Golf Digest has been publishing hole-by-hole updates on their website as well as Twitter

By 12:10 PM EST, the players finished the first four holes. Timberlake is +3, Roethlisberger is +4, Jordan is +8, and Giebelhausen is +11. 

I will keep publishing updates throughout the day. If you would like to read more about the contest's winner, GD has published a short bio here. You can also take a peek at the cop's swing here. 

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