Hacker Alert: Issue 5

Sorry that I haven't posted for quite a while. On the bright side, my summer is very open in terms of my schedule, so there should be a lot of new content on ZealousGolfer.com as we move even deeper into major championship season! 

Back to the "Hacker Alert." My hiatus from ZealousGolfer.com was matched by a short break from golf. I was making a trip to the driving range once every couple of weeks, but in terms of the number of rounds I was playing, I definitely wasn't on the ball. 

Today, I hit a local public course in Pittsburgh: the South Park Golf Course, run by Allegheny County. For the price, it isn't a bad play at all. With over 6,600 yards from the back tees and 6,300 yards from the middle tees, golfers of all varieties can have a little fun. 

For my lack of play in the past month, the 83 I posted wasn't too bad, I think. The unfortunate thing is that I was in position to score well today. Not only did I hit 12 of 14 fairways, but I had far more distance than usual today. That was a good sign. 

For most of the par 4's, I was within 150 yards with a couple shots within 100 yards. My approach shots could not end up close to the pin. Ever! At least this way, I have a pretty good idea of what I need to be doing at the range. 

Though I was missing too many greens, my wedges were mediocre to terrible all day. Possibly as a result of my decreased playing schedule, my control of the wedge was lacking. That doesn't bode well for a golfer who is missing greens! Consequently, I had to put down a few unnecessary 5's on the scorecard when I failed to convert around the green. 

In short, I need to buckle down with my short irons and wedges and get some more consistency and control in my game. These areas killed my score today, and I know that I won't be able to improve very much without addressing these problems. 

On the other hand, the biggest stick in the bag may finally be my friend. The plot thickens. 

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