Phil Mickelson: Waffle Man

Phil Mickelson has always been a renaissance man. He's been a short game master, longball driver, father, advocate for visor use, and the face of Callaway Golf, among other things.

Add this to the list: Waffle House owner. Oh yes. Waffle House, who some may recognize as the symbol of our country's southeastern states, may be in the hands of one of modern golf's greatest players in the near future.

It appears that Lefty, along with two other businessmen, is willing to fork over more than $20 million to bailout the struggling breakfast/lunch/dinner chain.

If the deal clears, the group will own 105 Waffle House locations (Waffle Houses?).

I mean, this isn't the first bizarre turn we have seen in Lefty's life. Nevertheless, I can't say I expected this piece of news to pop up.

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