Tiger Woods' flip-out caught on film

Whoa man. What happened to Tiger Woods? Video surfaced today of Tiger throwing his club at some bushes at the Deutsche Bank Championship in frustration.

Tiger has sworn on camera before, and just last week he called out Ernie Els (a very bizarre move for the king of political correctness).

Sadly, the YouTube video of Woods has disappeared. A description of the video's content is available here. Perhaps Nike got behind another one of their athletes as they did with Lebron James a few months ago! I kid, but the footage has certainly gone off the grid.

Hopefully Tiger gets things on track soon. Though this hasn't been the most memorable season of Tiger's career, he hasn't played terrible golf. It's surprising that his character has changed so much in such a short period of time.

EDIT: A fan of the website has located an identical cut of the infamous video! Here it is, folks:

2 Response to "Tiger Woods' flip-out caught on film"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hard to believe that video has already been pulled .. I watched it online about an hour ago.

    JP says:

    The video is back up here!

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