Anthony Kim teaches you to play drunk golf

One of the biggest controversies in golf this week (if not the most interesting one) came from Aussie Robert Allenby's comment that America's Anthony Kim may have played a round drunk during the Presidents Cup.

Yesterday, Kim denied Allenby's claim, as ESPN reported.

Though drinking allegations may not be overwhelmingly unrealistic with some of the PGA Tour's fan favorites (John Daly comes to mind), a 4 a.m. alcohol run doesn't seem too likely with Kim.

Sports humor website is now giving you Kim's tips on how to play golf while drunk. You can read the article here.

My favorite? "Tip #2 -- Simplify your swing thoughts -- Anyone who has played golf knows that you can have a thousand thoughts going through your head as you stand over the ball. Whereas when you're playing your best golf, your thoughts are pure, simple. Helloooooo, alcohol! Have a six-pack before your 9:00 a.m. tee time and you won't have a single thought in your head."

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