PGA Tour readies for "groove" rule change

As the title notes, PGA Tour players are finally getting into the "groove" of the major 2010 rules change.

If you have been reading virtually any golf publication, you are probably aware that the USGA is employing new restrictions on the grooves of any golf club with a loft higher than 25 degrees.

The TOUR's Luke Donald explains the reasoning: "The goal of the USGA is to put a higher premium on hitting more fairways and greens; they don't want players bombing it out there, then having an easy time stopping the ball out of the rough. They want us to pay a greater penalty for hitting our tee ball or second shot into the rough."

In the article, Donald states that he has been playing with Mizuno irons within the new limits all year. Although he hasn't noticed a significant difference with the ball flight of his irons, he believes that the short game will be changed radically.

Next year will certainly be an interesting time for the PGA Tour. The new rules will not affect recreational golfers in any way until 2024, so you probably don't have to worry too much about your game quite yet.

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