CBS claims that Tiger Woods may be addicted to sex, drugs

Can I say it one more time? Whoa.

CBS may have jumped into the deep end of the pool of gossip with this story. Apparently, CBS is going to roll with their theory that Tiger Woods not only cheated on his wife, but he faces addictions to prescription drugs and even sex.

This is pretty wild. For a guy who has admitted nothing thus far and faces zero concrete evidence of wrongdoing, I am a little shocked about how far the media is willing to go with speculation.

That said, I am not overwhelmingly sympathetic. As I noted before on this blog, by choosing not to confront this issue, Tiger left himself very open for attack from fans and the media alike.

Only time will tell if our game's greatest hero happens to be a sex addict, cheater, drug abuser, and a poor driver.

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  1. Mike says:

    If i were tiger, i'd also be addicted to sex

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