ZealousGolfer.com Travel: La Manga Club, Spain

Let's break with our coverage of Tiger-gate for a moment. I know it's been a while since ZealousGolfer.com covered anything else, but hey, we're fairly versatile here.

At any rate, I wanted to discuss a phenomenal option for golfers planning a trip to Europe. I have discussed several top-rate courses in the UK before, but I think an often underrated golf location is the vacation destination for Europe: Spain.

Specifically, I'd like to talk about the La Manga Club. La Manga is located in Cartagena, which is in the southeastern region of the country. Known for its sights and warm weather, Cartagena is a popular location for tourists.

If you are thinking of a trip to Spain, the La Manga Club should be on your list of things to do. Offering three golf courses on-site, it is no surprise that La Manga has been rated "Europe's leading golf resort." The courses have hosted numerous prestigious professional and amateur tournaments including the Spanish Open.

Aside from three championship courses, there is also a pitch-and-putt course on the property that will allow you to play a purely recreational round with a spouse or the entire family.

For those looking to improve their games while on vacation, a full service golf academy is located on site.

Although golf is certainly my favorite amenity at the La Manga Club, the resort provides guests with dozens of other entertainment options. These include everything from scuba diving to cricket games to horseback riding.

There are two options for guests to house on the property. One is a five star hotel that sits next to two of the resort's courses. The other is a resort village, which offers a combination of apartments and townhouses.

If you are looking to golf in Spain, you should definitely consider a trip to La Manga. The resort's courses and atmosphere make it a "can't miss" destination.

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