Tiger Woods' Statement: "I do plan to return to golf one day"

This morning, Tiger Woods offered his first formal press conference to discuss the fall of his golf empire.

You can read my live blogging on the press conference here via Twitter.

In case you missed it, Tiger told us that he does "plan to return to golf one day." However, he also noted: "I just don't know when that day will be." He did state that it could be as early as this year, but he gave the public no time table of his return.

So far, it seems like the public is divided over Tiger's sincerity during the press conference. On one hand, it was his first effort to actually address the rumors. That was certainly a move in the right direction.

On the other hand, he said very little that we didn't already know.

He confirmed that he has spent time in a sex rehabilitation facility, and he will return for treatment tomorrow. He confessed to infidelity, but he did not offer any details and said that the information belongs in private.

The status of Elin and Tiger remains nebulous. Elin did not come to the event as Tiger's mother did. Woods told the media that they should stop investigating that question.

Tiger also chose not to take questions from the limited media presence at the press conference.

I am going to have to give Tiger a C grade on this conference. The good: he finally manned up and addressed this issue. The bad: this won't win over the public or his sponsors. From his performance, we can hope that he is truly making efforts to change his life, but, as Tiger said, "my real apology to [Elin] won't come from words."

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